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Create and Craft released the following news on Facebook tonight:

Exciting News!

Get ready for an incredible lineup of TV shopping on our new channel, 'Shop Extra' The new home of family, friendship and fun!

Shop Extra will be live from 6pm every evening and you can watch us on Freeview 85 by pressing the Red Button on a connected Smart TV, Sky 680 until 10pm when we switch to Sky 673, or Virgin 748 and Freesat 813 until midnight.

We will be dedicating special hours to the new channel and please note that the channel will not replace any of the demonstrations and shows on Create and Craft that you love. Our library of content will still be available online, on your TV, and on demand via our app.

There will also be familiar products and faces from Ideal World, such as Shaun Ryan, Dennice Robinson, Hayley Green and Shaun Crawley!

We appreciate that as craft enthusiasts, these shows may not be your cup of tea, but we hope you will join us in supporting those affected where possible. A

If you want to discover unique items and amazing deals then register your interest here.

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The UK arm of QVC has launched its linear channels on Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

Four QVC branded channels have launched on Sky’s streaming platform, QVC HD, QVC Style HD, QVC Beauty HD, and QVC Extra HD, making the retailer the first in the video commerce genre to surface on the platform.

QVC chose Simplesteam to power live stream encoding, playout and distribution within the parameters set for Sky Glass. The integtrated streaming TV and the puck sized Sky Stream allows Sky subscribers to connect to the service over broadband without the need for a dish.

“It’s great to be able to help one of our existing customers reach a new platform, especially one that is focused on high-quality content distributed over IP. The fact that services like Sky Glass and Sky Stream are now considered as a key means to reach audiences marks a significant step forward and a tangible moment of change in the market,” said Simplestream’s Technical Director, Ashley Horne.

The Simplestream package includes Ingest, manipulation, and distribution of SRT live streams for HD quality; service-wide redundancy with dual input, dual encode and dual output with automated failover to reduce downtime and the addition of Sky-specific technologies into the stream, such as manifest timecodes and Dolby Digital audio.

From October 1st, 2023 SmartResponse are delighted to announce they will be the exclusive sales house for all 30-minute infomercial airtime sold on new 24/7 TV shopping channel, Home Shop TV, located on Page One in the Shopping section on the Sky Digital electronic programme guide (EPG).

Home Shop TV will be an infomercial only TV shopping channel close to the top of the Shopping section of Sky Digital. The 30-minute airtime on Home Shop TV will be sold by SmartResponse to all UK based infomercial advertisers whose content is Clearcast approved.

Pete Mills, Managing Director of SmartResponse, commented: “We are delighted to be appointed as the exclusive sales house for airtime on Home Shop TV that is placed in such a premium EPG position, and look forward to making this new TV shopping channel a great success for all UK infomercial advertisers from October 1st”.

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