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15+ New Jewellery Designs on TJC (2020 Trends)

Now that we are over the zest of 2020, we would like to review the designs and gorgeous line of products launched on TJC representing the fantastic 2020 trends so far. Winning the hearts almost instantly, some of the greatest stealers are listed down below. This time, TJC got playful and blended a lot of inspirations and ideologies to bring out the best. If you look at the new launches, you will find them matching every occasion and season you might need them for, in this wonderful year. Here is a window to our world, featuring enormous options and designs inspired from the latest trends and featuring celebrity favourites. We proudly present to you an explosion of gems and jewellery in our exotic and fresh, new designs of jewellery below:

Diamond Jewellery

Dazzling diamonds are believed to know the shortest way to a lady’s heart! Yep, we highly agree and keep striving to always introduce some out of ordinary diamond jewellery designs and artworks. Carved and cut in various shapes and sizes, the flicker of diamonds is very well shedding the light on 2020 trends this year. The diamonds are not just heart stealers but also know how to grace each jewellery type. Be it an opulent ring to promise eternity with or a decent pendant, the diamonds are lately the talk of TJC. They are up in the new collection, ready to make your jaw drop.

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Gemstone Jewellery

Expressed best with the help of stones and gems, the jewellery formed around the love of stones is very special. Offering an incredible collection of options, in the coming 2020 trends, you will witness a huge pool of gemstones introduced. Straight from Tanzania, the Tanzanite is again ruling the range. The gorgeous Grandidierite jewellery speaks of royalty along with the Aquamarine, just as refreshing as the aqua. The gems like Emerald and Ruby seem to be the constant favourites and hence we are elated to present more options and designs featuring the same. Here, you will get something for each and everyone around.

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Designer Jewellery

No Jewellery collection is ever complete or new until some latest designer collection is launched! Picked from the current buzz, each formation is worth a thousand applauds. Straight from the heart and soul of the people, the range can match well with your needs and bring something exotic out. Offered in the statement and sophisticated designs, the rings, pendants or necklaces here are top-notch stealers! The names like Giuseppe Perez recite the tales of magic and colours. Featured with multiple gemstones and their signature touches, designer range will forever be an apple to the eye.

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Plain Metal Jewellery

The beauty of simplicity and classics never fails! The jewellery made out straight from the pure metal finish is not just soothing to the eyes but also fits well with every mood and occasion. The classics that can last for a lifetime are sure treasures, but a pure form of love offered in a jewellery piece is when it’s plain and versatile. They are crafted with utter fine finish and perfection, often featuring the intricate metalwork worth every applaud. The coming 2020 trends will revolve majorly around these timeless pieces of jewellery, and hence, you can look forward to more minimal design and patterns ranging from retro to contemporary.

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When it comes to jewellery, it is never too much! Similarly, other than the mentioned products and collections, we have countless other categories designed for you all. You can always browse through the bestseller jewellery and pick the safest choice of jewellery. With that all being said,2020 trends will defiantly make this year a remarkable with truckloads of surprises from TJC!


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