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5 Items You Couldn’t Craft Without

When it involves crafting, there are some items that we all find essential. Either for his or her practical use in creating our next piece of work, or helping provide us thereupon little spark of inspiration.

There’s always that next project expecting you to start out, and perhaps a couple of still waiting to be finished… OK, maybe quite a couple of, but Spring is within the air, the times are growing longer so there’s many time to try to them now!

From papercrafts to sewing there are a multitude of items that once in your hands, come to life and draw you into a familiar world of arts and crafts. The ones that you have a passion are sure to play a part in shaping the items most important to you. After all, we all have our favourites, but here are some suggestions that make up our Top 5.

A good pair of Scissors

Let us start with a tried and trusted favourite, because when it comes to their usefulness, without a good pair, (or pairs) of scissors you’re not going to get very far. Almost every craft project would require them at some point. A pair of scissors whether straight edged, serrated or the scalloped kind is key in every sewing or paper crafting project.

Crafting mat

Crafters know having a flat, even surface to lay materials out is a given. Having a crafting, or cutting mat is the ideal way to achieve this.

Writing implements

Pens, pencils, crayons, gel pens, and markers art supplies. Anything that you need in order to make notes, write down instructions or sketch out designs. A good supply of high-quality stationery is must for so many papercraft projects.

Glue Gun

A glue gun is ideal for use in a wide range of crafting projects. Heated glue guns with hot melt glue sticks are the perfect tool for handmade projects involving card, wood, ceramics, fabric or textiles.

A craft box of delight

Last one, and perhaps it is one you most take for granted. The place where you keep your stash of craft essentials. Your own box of delights! The place where the odds and ends, bits of bobs and things you are not quite sure where to keep end up. When was the last time you had a look through it? Maybe there is something in there to inspire you…. waiting to see the light of day again.

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