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70-Year-Old Retiree Dorothy Harris Lands Clutch Line Deal with QVC

Harris Designs, a classic clutch fashion line announced its upcoming partnership with national retailer QVC. The American-made clutch purses were created by designer Dorothy Harris to empower women to make intentionally bold fashion choices with confidence.

The 70-year-old retiree and recent entrepreneur turned her passion for fashion into a profitable business that caught the attention of QVC. After winning QVC’s “The Big Find” competition, J.Harris Designs is gearing up for its national launch with QVC in January 2020. All designs can be found and purchased online at

After 40 years in corporate America, Harris created a high-demand clutch purse collection. With a keen eye for detail and drive for entrepreneurship, Dorothy set out to establish a classic clutch line for the everyday woman looking to add flair to their wardrobe. “Once I retired, I dedicated time to perfecting my sewing craft and ensured that all designs were unique and dual purposed for women”, said Dorothy Harris founder of J. Harris Designs. The company quickly gained credibility with reputable storefronts throughout the Southeastern region and has expanded to an all-women team of seamstresses within its first year of conception. J. Harris Designs is the creator of it’s featured design concept, creatively coined, ‘Flip the Flap’ technique, providing customers the versatility of two styles in one. “We truly believe the clutch purses speak to every consumer’s inner personality and outward expression. A perfect Design!”, said Dorothy Harris.

Following the official launch of J.Harris Designs in January 2019, the mother and daughter duo entered into QVC’s “The Big Find” competition and won. J.Harris Designs was selected out of 300 participants to launch its premier design live on the QVC network. This provided J. Harris Designs a unique opportunity to share its story and designs with viewers across the nation. “Our unique story captivated the judges. They were intrigued by my mother fearlessly entering the fashion industry as a 69-year-old that actually designs these quality clutch purses”, said Blair Armstrong, co-owner of J. Harris Designs. The line offers two collections featuring vegan and high-end classic clutches. Each clutch purse is adorned with the signature J.Harris Designs tassel or charm and features handpicked ornate skins and textiles from across the world. “Our journey has helped us to believe wholeheartedly in our abilities. Our motto in navigating this new industry is when faced with obstacles while searching for a lane that you want, pave it for yourself!”

The eclectic collection continues to draw inspiration from Dorothy’s unwavering adoration for classic fashion and impactful women throughout her life. “I hope to serve as an inspiration to business owners and entrepreneurs alike. I’m a testament that dreams can come true at any age with steadfast determination and drive”,  says Dorothy Harris.

For more information visit and follow the J. Harris Designs journey on Instagram and by using hashtag #FliptheFlap.

Source: eurweb


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