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Butler & Wilson celebrates 25-year partnership with QVC UK

Butler & Wilson has released a new line of jewellery in celebration of its 25-year partnership with QVC UK.

QVC UK, has sold Butler & Wilson products since August 1995.

The jeweller reports that it has sold 2.7 million items with the QVC UKover their 25-year relationship, and decided to commemorate their history with new jewellery, stocked exclusively at QVC UK’s website.

The collection includes necklaces, brooches and earrings adorned in a variety of coloured diamantes.

The crown necklaces reference Butler & Wilson’s Fulham Road store, on top of which sits a large crown.

The company’s flagship store opened in 1972, and is almost as old as the business itself.

Each piece is engraved with ‘925 QVC 25’, to mark the special occasion.


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