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CCX TV launches on Freeview

Ideal Shopping Direct invests £5million in new ‘classic extra’ TV channel featuring entertainment, celebrity documentaries, comedy and a daily dose of crafting.

Multi-platform retailer, Ideal Shopping Direct, has announced the launch of its new channel, CCXTV which will become a beacon for classic entertainment. Channel CCXTV, available on Freeview channel 23, launched on Wednesday, April 15th with a swathe of timeless comedy, classic entertainment, celebrity documentaries and brand-new content for UK viewers. It will also become the new home to US soap opera - ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ - daytime TVs most-watched drama series in the world.

Ideal Shopping Direct’s shopping channel brand, Create & Craft will move to channel 95 to make way for CCXTV. Create & Craft will operate from 07:00-10:00 every day on CCXTV, simulcast from it’s new home, while the rest of the day’s schedule will give viewers a glimpse into the lives of celebrities, history and comedy. Documentaries will include True Crime strands, commemorations of the world wars and some of the greatest moments in history of the last hundred years.

Timeless comedies have a home in peak with Sid James in Bless this house, the original series of Men Behaving Badly and the late Bruce Forsyth in Trippers Day. Plus, a new series featuring top American stand Up Dave Hill and his unique brand of humour. In the evening CCXTV’s audience will have access to brand new episodes of the Bold and the Beautiful and acclaimed dramas, including Ray Winston in Fox, Nick Berry in Harbour Lights


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