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Celebrating Studio Light’s Special Birthday!

Hochanda are celebrating a very special birthday as one of their most loved suppliers, Studio Light, adds another candle to their big, tasty cake! This month marks 41 years since Studio Light began manufacturing their must-have craft items, and they are still on the top of their game, bringing you only the best in paper, dies, stencils and stamps!

Studio Light have an elite team of designers providing unique designs for their crafting community, who they are in constant communication with to ensure their high-quality products meet the needs of their crafters. So, Studio Light listens to what you want, and their passion for crafts is shown clearly as they work with different styles and themes, meaning their collection is always diverse and up to date.

With their craft items now shipping all over the world, their strong focus on staying fresh and the support of their passionate crafting family, Studio Light are here to stay. Here’s to the next 41 years!

Click here to learn more about Studio Light at Hochanda.


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