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Create an amazing Folksy Card

If you like paper crafting then you’re in for a treat! On the 4th and 5th of November, Hochanda launched a brand new ‘Folksy Charm’ collection by Angela Poole of the website. This collection features the most stunning collection of folk art inspired patterns, bold colours and a sweet die set for making doll shaped cards.

This launch features Hochanda’s first EVER 8x8in paper pad, but what makes this paper pad so different is that EVERY pattern has been hand painted. Nearly all patterned papers today are designed digitally because it’s a much quicker way to create accurate repeat patterns. However, Angela Poole wanted to create a collection of folk art inspired patterns, and painting them directly onto paper and card felt more authentic.

You’ll notice that the rows and sizes of flowers vary within the patterned papers – but it’s absolutely charming this way and the style suits the folk art theme so well.

Angela Poole has kindly put together an incredible tutorial for Hochanda on how to make your own Folksy Charm zig-zag doll card!


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