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Create Memories with Journaling

This week, Hochanda had the opportunity to share a wonderful article about creating memories with journaling. The lovely Loti from Mama Makes walk us thru her inspiration about journaling and scrapbooking.

Journaling with Mama Makes

Loti shared, “…I think we owe it to our generation, to journal what is happening while we are staying home and living in such a crazy world. Even the most boring, will become the most fascinating in years to come.

Aside from this, I have always found journaling and scrapbooking so important. I used to work in the phone shop and I saw so many customers in tears because their phones were broken and all of their photographs and videos had been lost. There was no way to retrieve pictures of their babies birth, their graduation or their grandsons first steps. I cannot urge people enough to print off their photographs and journal those moments. I would love to find something my grandparents made and read what their day to days lives were like, and I’m sure the next generations will be just as intrigued…”

Mama Makes Journaling Tips

Click here to read the full original article.

Ready to start your own memories with journaling? Join Mama Makes at Hochanda on the 30th of May at 3pm for their next collection! For TV schedule updates, click here.


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