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Before the selfies and digital portraits took the world by storm, there were eras in which, people would sit still for hours to get their portraits painted on canvas by some of the most eminent artists of the world. Back then, handmade artwork always held a special place in every person’s heart and home.

Due to the expensive price tags of the masterworks, many art lovers only dreamt to have the paintings in their acquisition. And this is when people unveiled a new way of hanging the most loved portraits in their living room - by getting it reproduced! This also paved the path for a new trend to order custom portrait which is in huge demand across the world. Here we’ve master-curated what custom portrait painting is and how it can be used to perfect your room décor.

What is Custom Portrait Paintings?

In this form of art, you can direct an artist the way you want the end product to come out. You can share your wildest dreams with the artist and watch the skilled individual bring it to life. From imagining yourself as the Wonder Woman to creating an adorable picture with your pet to a sentimental family portrait, you can ask the artist to fill the white canvas the way you’d like. After all, imagination is your only limit!

That’s the beauty of custom portrait painting, unlike the photographs that we click with a camera, which can never be altered into something surreal. And they add such an extraordinary charm to your home that it will surely get your several wonderful compliments.

Channel Your Imagination for Your Perfect Custom Painting

Whether you want an old picture’s oil painting reproduction or a simple family portrait, whose subjects are brought together in this imaginary custom portrait painting, the artists will wow you with the result.

In order to astound yourself with the custom portrait painting, you need to simply convey the ideas clearly. Why you may wonder? The answer: a lot goes into channeling your imagination and getting the results the way you want. And the best part is that custom made portrait is not just going to last for your lifetime, but it will also linger beyond that!

So, you have an idea that you wish someone to pen down as a portrait for you. When you really give your complete thoughts, you will be ecstatic with the result that you can hang on the wall. What’s even better is the fact that the custom portrait is partly one of a kind artwork that only you can have in your acquisition. There is no second one like it!

Let’s decide the picture

To adorn your abode with the unique portrait, choose a picture of yourself or your pet or the family. Take a picture of yourself or your pet that describes the true you. It’s always good if you pick the image that has sentimental value and you absolutely love. This way every time you see the masterwork on the wall, you will be reminded of the good old days.

The best part about custom portrait painting is you can create anything you want. You can make the changes you wish to and add the edits that make the painting a state-of-art. It might surprise you that it is possible to tone down your hands or waists toned down. And the secret to absolute pure custom portrait painting is the expressions that truly capture your feelings and define you.

Until and unless you give a photo of the highest quality you may not be happy with how the paintings shape up. The same is the case with the lighting in the photograph which should be taken into consideration. It would be a big disappointment if the artwork looks too garish or too dark.

Final Thoughts to Remember

Reach out to your instincts and hold on to them because you know yourself or your loved one better than anyone else can and also how can it add to your home’s charm. When you go knocking on the doors of an artist for custom portrait painting, you must remember that every artist has grown to develop their own distinct style of art that they may infuse with your ideas to bring a world-class painting to life!

If you think this idea appeals to you, then it is good for you but if it doesn’t, then make sure to send as many high-quality photos of the subjects as you can. This way, the artist knows what he is going to be dealing with. In case you think you need help getting inspired, there are great artists out there who can help you with it! For all we know, this painting may turn out to be legendary and get sold for millions in a few millennia!


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