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Dimensions Paintworks

One of the world’s favourite paint by number brands are coming to Hochanda. On Tuesday 31 March at 12pm they’ll be showing of their extensive range, The show will feature a selection of stunning wildlife, landscape and cityscape images sure to fire the creative spark in anyone, from the novice looking for a fun starter design to the experienced painter seeking a rewarding challenge.

All about Dimensions

When Dimensions entered the paint by number market back in 1998 with their Paintworks brand, the craft hadn’t changed much since the 1950’s. Good designs were hard to come by, but they decided to apply the same philosophy that had been successfully applied to needlecrafts, and that was to start with great art, licensed from talented artists in the print, gift and home décor industry.

Their designers are masters at translating the original art. They consistent attention to detail and artistic technique for crafters to enjoy in simple paint by number. The subtle colours and effects give the pieces a look all of their own and you need to look twice to realise that one of the finished kits is paint by number. Perhaps most importantly of all they are easy and enjoyable to do.

To find out more about their paint by number kits visit the Hochanda website here.


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