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Embroidery Tips For Beginners

Has embroidery caught your eye? This classic intricate art welcomes beginners, but if you’re looking for advice for getting started then we have good news! The fabulous Rossella is a long-time embroidery queen, and she has been chatting to Hochanda who are here to provide you with her top six simple embroidery tips for beginners!

It is easy to feel that not having a certain type of fabric is a barrier stopping you from embroidering your next masterpiece… but don’t let it be. Use whatever you have! Rossella loves using old linen tablecloths/napkins, and even if they are stained, that makes an interesting background and shows that they have history. Also, consider ‘dying’ your fabric with inks and paints. If your stitching will be laundered, these will need to be colourfast. Rossella has also found that a stencilled background can look great. Again, just let your creativity flow!

What are you waiting for? See Rossella’s full advice in the video below!


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