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Face masks, treadmills and santiser: how shopping telly is adapting to Covid-19

Shopping channels are adapting their product ranges in surprising ways during the current lockdown.

Across the UK and Europe, channels are now offering food items, sanitisers and face masks.

In the UK, TJC has been selling bottles of hand sanitiser, including a 250ml bottle for £9.99. The channel has also been offering protective face masks - last seen on air between 7 and 8pm on the 26th March, with a pack of five selling for £4.99 plus p&p.

TJC has also been selling delicious Easter Eggs for viewers who don't want to use shops for non essential items.

Ideal World is offering a range of fitness, cleaning and DIY goods to help viewers at home make the most of their time in their houses.

Over in Germany, auction channel has become a food shopping channel, with the channel featuring a range of supermarket goods, from groceries to delicatessen, confectionery to care or hygiene products throughout Friday.

And with very strict rules on movement enforced in France, M6boutique is promoting its range of treadmills, so viewers can still go for a walk, in their own  homes.

Of the items being sold on TJC, the channel has said:

'For our everyday essential items such as toilet rolls, hand sanitisers and cleaning items we have been very careful to sell these at our normal margins. However, with the shortage of some product lines the cost from suppliers to us has been increased. We are a low cost operator and are very proud of the efficiencies in our supply chain that allow us to sell you products at great prices.'

Germany's says it is reacting to increased demand for such goods.

Source: RXTV Log


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