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“Food Network Star” Winner Aaron McCargo Jr. Joins the QVC US On-Air Lineup

Chef Aaron McCargo Jr. knows how to bring people together through dishes like braised short ribs and spicy cheeseburger soup. His culinary expertise and personal flair helped him win season four of “Food Network Star” and earned him his own show on the network, “Big Daddy’s House.”

Now, this chef, TV personality, and cookbook author is joining the QVC team as our expert on-air guest for our proprietary cookware line, Cook’s Essentials®. Cook’s Essentials is a well-rounded, affordable collection of culinary tools, designed to appeal to beginners and well-seasoned home chefs alike.

We sat down with Aaron to hear about his favorite items from the line and why he’s thrilled to be joining the QVC team.

Why are you excited to be the new Cook’s Essentials guest?

It’s a dream job. It’s amazing because I get to try out cookware, gadgets, and electronics in the kitchen using some of my favorite recipes. I also get to give my feedback on all of them. Who doesn’t want a professional chef available to help you make a wise decision when buying kitchen essentials? As the on-air expert, I’m able to give an overview of the products and help customers make the right choice, every time.

What are the top three Cook’s Essentials products you reach for when you’re cooking?

People are spending more time than ever right now at home. What are some of your go-to cooking tips for people who are just starting?

  1. Taste as you go when cooking.

  2. Shop one day, prep one day, and cook one day.

  3. When cooking bacon, use your oven instead of the stovetop.

  4. Freeze fruit puree and add to sparkling water for a little sweet flavor.

You’re also on the judges’ panel for our nation-wide product search, The Big Find®. Do you have any advice for the applicants?

Don’t do what everybody else does; do you. No matter how crazy or wild your creation is, trust your gut and skill.

Desert Island Game: You’re stuck on a desert island and can only have one food item to eat for the rest of your life, what is it and why?

Chicken wings, hands down. Fried, Buffalo-ed, stewed, you name it; it’s the most flavorful and satisfying food to me. Not to mention, buffalo style chicken wings come with an endless list of sauces to create or choose from.

As a professional chef, what would you say is your “cooking superpower”?

My cooking superpower is being able to get people to like a dish or food that they ordinarily hate.  I’m all about big, bold flavors, so I bring food to life using whatever spices, condiments, or miscellaneous items are lying around.

Catch Aaron in his debut presentation alongside Program Host David Venable on Sunday, September 20, at noon ET, during “In the Kitchen with David®” on QVC US.


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