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Former HSN Star Joy Mangano Busy With Sanitizers and New Shows

After nearly 30 years of selling goods on networks like QVC and HSN, inventor Joy Mangano is launching CleanBoss, a line of hand sanitizing products.

The launch comes as more U.S. cities implement COVID-19 guidelines with cases spiking nationwide. Mangano said the product has been in development for at least five years, but because of the pandemic, she reprioritized the CleanBoss line to get it to market.

This launch, unlike others, was done without a home-shopping platform - a process Mangano describes as “different and not different." She split from HSN in 2018.

While she doesn’t spend hundreds of hours a year selling goods on television anymore, Mangano is embracing social media and the leverage it provides to remain competitive.

“I reinvented myself after standing in front of America in one way for 30 years,” she said.

Despite a difficult time for the economy, Mangano said entrepreneurs can still find success by looking at long-term opportunities.

She also said the social media outlets available today offer "a very big value" for businesses.

“There are so many different ways and different platforms today for people, not just big business out there. The entrepreneur has more paths today than they’ve ever had historically in business and I think that that's a really good thing.”

Mangano’s remarkable life story became common knowledge when it got the big-screen treatment with the 2015 release of Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence. Now the entrepreneur's story is set to be told on Broadway - once theaters are allowed to reopen.

“I'm very, very excited because it’s going to be such a wonderful story of inspiration and entertaining. The music’s phenomenal,” she said.

The former HSN all-star is also gearing up for a new network television show that is expected to roll out in 2021, she revealed.

Source: Cheddar


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