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Full Bust Adjustment Guide by Sew To Grow

“Making pattern adjustments can seem overwhelming at first. Why isn’t this

fitting correctly? How do I fix this? Why doesn’t this pattern fit me? Sewing

patterns, like clothing, are drafted to a standard size and most patterns are

drafted for someone that is a B or C cup size. However, unlike patterns and

clothing our bodies are as individual and unique as our personalities. Most of us

aren’t “standard” nor should we ever hope to be. Part of the reason we sew our

own clothes is to get that custom fit and build the handmade wardrobe out our

dreams. This means that altering patterns goes hand in hand with making

clothes. It is all part of the process and a skill to practice on just like you do with

your sewing.

Today, I would like to introduce you to the Full Bust Adjustment, or FBA. The

majority of women with fuller chests typically pick the pattern size based on

their fullest bust measurement. This can lead to the shoulders and neck being

too large and having to take in the rest of the garment just to accommodate

your chest. I want to first walk you through how you know if you need a Full Bust

Adjustment and then I will show you the steps to making a FBA on your pattern


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