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German home-shopping channels remain in SD on Astra

Four German home-shopping broadcasters have renewed their agreements for the distribution of their channels in SD resolution on Astra (19.2° East).

HSE24 Extra, QVC Deutschland, QVC 2 and Channel 21 will thus continue to be available in SD to DTH households in the coming years, according to the satellite operator.

The signals are broadcast in MPEG-2 SD format; Astra provides the uplink services and satellite capacity. The channels reach over 118 million TV households throughout Europe via the Astra satellite system at 19,2° East.

“These agreements clearly show that SD broadcasting will remain an important transmission standard for the foreseeable future,” said Christoph Mühleib, managing director of Astra Deutschland.

“Over eight million TV households can only receive TV channels in SD quality. Guaranteed 100% availability is therefore currently only possible with a simulcast of SD and HD distribution,” added Mühleib.


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