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Go Cube

Here is your chance to turn learning and education into a fun experience. The Go Cube combines learning with technology and a classic game to help improve logic and reasoning. We know how frustrating it can be trying to solve the cube. Go Cube allows you to connect to your smartphone, which keeps track of your moves, your progress and keeps track of the statistics you are ranking at. You can battle online with friends and others. As you play and get better, you can watch your progress on the global leaderboards.

The benefits of playing Go-Cube include:

  1. A one hour interactive learning Academy that helps everyone learn how to be successful at the cube game. Included is a video tutorial to assist in the learning and completion of the puzzle.

  2. Includes orientation and tracking sensors

  3. Wireless connection can track your progress and the moves you make

  4. Batteries are required and have been included

  5. There is a Mini game section for kids and adults alike to play and enjoy. These include Music instruments, Simon and other puzzles

  6. Includes a pouch for storage and a stand for the cube

  7. Supports both iOS and Androi

The Go Cube Edge Connected puzzle connects through 5.0 Bluetooth, which gives the ability to solve the unsolvable classic brain twisting puzzle. The Go Cube is a 3x3 grid on all sides. Match up the colors on each side and complete all six sides to conquer the cube finally!

Includes encompassing light indications, a smooth magnetic mechanism for ease in turning. The advanced sensors can track and measure your activity.

All this gives the user a smooth and quick experience as they learn. Working through each lesson in the Academy tutorial enables each person to learn the secrets and algorithms needed to solve. This is ridiculously fun and challenging. The more you play, the better and faster you will become.

The charging stand is unique and stylish. Charge your Go Cube Edge and take it with you wherever you go. Challenge your friends and family to some challenging fun.


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