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Highlight Crafts Joins Forces with The Craft Store

Highlight Crafts Ltd. New year celebrations continue as it moves to the UK’s leading craft and hobby shopping channel – The Craft Store.

The company, founded in May 2021, will be selling its products - including its growing range of Two Red Robins die sets – through the TV shopping channel from January 14th starting with the First Sight of Spring collection.

“We’re a family run business, so to be back with the original team that started Create & Craft all those years ago is a comfortable place for Highlight Crafts to be this year,” said Karl Shaw, Managing Director of Highlight Crafts Ltd. “The Craft Store share our values and passion for creating good quality education, product, and service for the customer – we are ultimately aligned – with changes in the industry and our customer base growing rapidly, now is the perfect opportunity for us to join the channel.”

Stephanie says “I am excited to be bringing our Two Red Robins brand and other Highlight Crafts brands to The Craft Store. Keep tuned for more announcements but in the meantime visit where we have launched our brand-new collection 'New Beginnings'. I am looking forward to having you join us on the journey."

Paul Wright, Chairman of The Craft Store added: “We’re thrilled to be welcoming Highlight Crafts to the channel at a very exciting time and pivotal time in the craft industry. Shopping habits are changing and customers are shopping around for the best deals – Highlight Crafts recognise this and bring a new audience, educational material and niche to the channel we just haven’t seen yet. I can’t wait for our customers to get the first taste of their designs in January!”

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