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How to Make a Sunflower Mandala Card with Hochanda and IndigoBlu

IndigoBlu have put together a tutorial on how to make a gorgeous sunflower mandala card using their wonderful collection of stamps and paints, which you can find on Hochanda. Show off this fabulous card to all your crafty friends who will be impressed with such an intricate design.

About IndigoBlu

IndigoBlu was founded in 2011 by husband and wife team, Alfie and Kay Halliwell. They found success almost immediately by winning Stamp of the Year in 2012, firmly establishing themselves on the crafting scene. With demand increasing rapidly, it was clear to see that their quintessentially English rubber stamps had quickly become a firm favourite which continued thanks to the FlitterGlu stamping adhesive that can be used with the IndigoBlu pastels and mica powders, gilding flake, glitter and foil.


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