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In Conversation with Sue: Owner of Design & Sew

We catch up with Sue, owner of Design & Sew as she talks about life

before the company, her inspiration and plans for the future.

“Hello, I’m Sue the owner, designer as well as the ‘Chief Stitcher’ at Design

and Sew. Maybe it should read Design and Sue! I’ve been sewing

practically my entire life, over 55 years and I am still passionate and totally

obsessed with all fabric crafts.  

I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember. My interest in sewing

started when I was about 5 years old, when my maternal great-

grandmother gave me a shoe box containing a pair of scissors, needle,

cotton and some scraps of fabric to make clothes for my dolls. The scraps

of fabric were all from her many sewing projects. My early years of sewing

was using a Singer treadle machine, later using a hand machine.  Over the

years she taught me many needlecraft skills including sewing, embroidery,

lace making and crochet. Her guidance and vast knowledge, were

invaluable, gained from many years of sewing for a young family in Wales. 

I also quilt, knit, embroider, do tapestries, in fact, if it involves a needle

then I am generally involved…”


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