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Jill Martin launching ‘love potion’ hand sanitizer for dating amid pandemic

Jill Martin saw a crisis and seized an opportunity.

The “Today” show lifestyle contributor, 44, exclusively told Page Six Style that she’s releasing a new hand sanitizer in a couple of weeks under her Potion 54 line for QVC.

“It’s a love potion, and 54 is the numeric equivalent of love. … I was thinking to myself, ‘How are people going to make hand sanitizing and wearing masks when people start dating safe, sanitizing, sexy?'” Martin told us via Zoom. “So I came out, I pivoted, and that first week, I developed that hand sanitizer.”

The hand sanitizer will be moisturizing and have a similar vanilla-bergamot scent as her Potion 54 rollerball perfume ($29.75 for two) and lotion ($24).

“I pivoted and said as women we’re still going to want to feel feminine, but because I take everything so seriously, hand sanitizer for all of us,” added Martin, who presumably will start dating again herself after ending her engagement to Erik Brooks this year.

Martin also exclusively told us that she’s working on a luggage line of packing cubes that never need to be unpacked.

“It’s a way of organizing where you can go from your home to wherever you’re going because we’re going to want to travel in a different way now,” she said.

Being able to take her collections in a different direction has given Martin a greater appreciation for her success, and in turn, she is shining a light on other female-owned businesses that are trying to succeed in these unprecedented times during her “She Made It” series on “Today.”

“I feel grateful for being able to do that, which is why it was so important to me to be able to give back and use our platform to help,” she said. “It’s so hard right now for everybody.”

Source: Page Six


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