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Major Freeview change to reduce channel line-up

A number of Freeview channels will no longer be available from later this month as a result of changes to the airwaves to make way for future 5G mobile services.

The changes will impact viewers who have enjoyed a wider range of Freeview channels over the past seven years as a result of additional, temporary bandwidth being made available for television services for users with HD compatible TVs and boxes. After six years, the Freeview exclusive Channel 4+1 HD service will close, alongside 4seven's HD outlet. Both channels will continue on Freeview in standard definition format. While some channels will close, other channels will be changing multiplexes. Viewers will need to retune. The full list of channels that will cease to be available on Freeview on 22nd June 2020

  • 55 5Star+1

  • 56 5USA+1

  • 67 CBS Reality+1

  • 69 CBS Justice+1

  • 109 Channel 4+1 HD

  • 110 4seven HD

  • 115 TJC HD

Channels moving multiplex on 22nd June 2020 Temporary simulcast on old and new multiplexes until 25th June 2020

  • 64 FreeSports

  • 74 Shopping Quarter

  • 83 Now 80s

  • 89 Together+1

  • 93 PBS America+1

  • 96 Forces TV

  • 106 BBC Four HD

  • 111 QVC HD

  • 112 QVC Beauty HD

  • 114 Quest HD

  • 205 CBeebies HD

The soon to be discontinued copies of these channels, with the exception of CBeebies HD, will appear on channel 780 upwards on 22nd June 2020, until 25th June 2020. After retuning, the new copies of the channels should appear on the regular channel numbers. Channels changing number on 22nd June 2020

  • CBS Drama will move from channel 71 to channel 67.

Further channel number changes as broadcasters move to fill empty slots are expected later this year.

Source: RXTV LOG

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