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OSMO Mobile 3

For those of you who were ecstatic when the selfie stick came out, this new piece of equipment is going to turn your world upside down and sideways! Well, for that fact, you can tilt in any direction, switch between photo modes, use gestures to snap a picture and a vast amount of other technology uses.

The Osmo Mobile 3 is worlds better than a selfie stick, takes cinematography to a whole new universe. This is simply put, the only equipment that you will need for action shots, video shoots or whatever you want as far as photography.

Within a handy zippered carrying case comes a folded stabilizer with gimbal. This gimbal and stabilizer is easy to use, simple to understand and changes the way videographers work. With a simple click your Osmo Mobile 3 is almost ready to go. Measurements of the folded Osmo Mobile 3 are 157 x 130 x46 mm; unfolded the measurements are 285 x 125 x 103 mm. The majority of smartphones in the market today will fit on the gimbal stabilizer. There is no confusion when you attach your phone.

It simply clicks into place and all you need to do is adjust to ensure the phone is in place. This 3 axis gimbal was designed for smartphones of today and features a wide array of intelligently planned functions.

The actual phone measurements that the gimbal will work on are phones that are 9.5 mm thick or less, with a width of 62-88 mm.

Temperature is usually an important factor when taking videos outside. With the OSMO Mobile 3 will charge in the temperature range of 5* to 40* C, (41*-104* F), operating temperature is just as good at 0 - 40* C, (32* - 104* F). As you see, this gimbal and stabilizer is functional year round, no matter where you live.


  1. Fits virtually any of today’s smartphones on the market.

  2. The battery is an LI-ion 18650 with 15 hours of life when fully charged.

  3. The charging time is only 2.5 hours with a 10V charger.

  4. The size is easy to handle. There is no heavy contraption here, the weight comes in at 405 grams. Making it extremely lightweight and easy to use.

  5. Speed control up to 120* per second

  6. App is easy to find in any store on the phone, it is called DJI Mimo; choose Osmo Mobile 3

  7. Easy to follow instructions to complete and activate the Bluetooth connection, registration and activation.

  8. Hand gestures control capability after you enable gesture control functions through the app. With these gesture controls, the Osmo Mobile 3 will recognize the ‘V’ and ‘palm’ gestures of the hand.

  9. Active track will allow for those previously hard to get action moves, just by a simple hand gesture.

The Osmo Mobile 3 DJI is capable of two panoramic modes: 180* or 3x3. This is truly the solution for all those dynamic cinematography shots that have been lost previously. The pivoted support system allows the rotation of the camera on the axis.

Located on the handle is the slide for ZOOM control. You simply push the slider up or down to zoom. The mobile app only supports the digital zoom which does affect the quality of the shots.

Switching between the front facing camera and the rear camera is as easy as it sounds. Through the DJI Mimo app, you enable the option and then press the trigger three times.

The different modes include Sport mode, Action mode and Story mode. There is also an Active Track 3.0 option with this system. Once you complete an action shot, you are able to recenter the subject with two clicks of the button.

To lock your gimbal, power on and go to the Osmo Mobile 3, then press and hold the trigger to lock the gimbal in place.

Switching between the portrait and landscape modes is also easy, power on and go into the Osmo Mobile 3, press the M button two times. Another possibility is to move from either one to the next by rotating the axis manually.

The mechanics that we need to understand are as follows:

Panoramic -162.5* to 170.3*

Roll -85.1* to -252.2*

Tilt --104.5* to -235.7*

Before your first use you must ensure that you have a full charge, (Type C port on the Osmo Mobile 3).

Mount the phone ensuring it is clicked in place. Also be sure to adjust the balance. Then press and hold the power button to power on.

By having the three axis gimbal, you will eliminate the majority of the shakiness and jumps within your videos and cinematography. There is no delay between the actions you make and the response of the Osmo Mobile 3. The device is a rapid response that allows you to remain in the moment you are in.

This dynamic design is actually folding fun!

Story mode includes one touch templates that will transform the shots you take, they can add movement, music or even other effects to make it a professional effect.

Once you are finished shooting, editing, adding music you can utilize the one touch share button. This allows your phenomenal videos or photos to be seen immediately.

Fear not all you selfie fanatics, with a simple hand gesture you will still take those necessary selfies, however, these will be even better than you believed they could be.

The Osmo Mobile 3-DJI adds another important factor into this already phenomenal equipment. The stability of the 3 axis gimbal along with the electronic image stabilization factor, you can shoot hyperlapse videos, add into this the Active Track 3.0 which will allow you to easily track your subject while you are recording.

Intuitive functions and single hand use makes this the replacement to those selfie sticks of old days. With the M button and handy trigger switch, you can easily go from landscape to portrait with a simple roll gesture. These buttons for advanced control enable you to use a single hand to operate.


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