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Paint a Wonderful Snow Scene

Welcome to Your Watercolour Masterclass with Matthew Palmer!

With Christmas around the corner (already!?) Hochanda have got something a little special for you. There really is something about a snowy landscape that takes you to a magical place, and Matthew Palmer is here to show you how to paint the most wonderful snow scene you could dream of. In this 10 minute watercolour masterclass you will be shown the techniques, step by step, on how to create a masterpiece you will be proud of!

The full tutorial takes you through all the steps, from creating your wintery sunset, the characteristic trees in the background, all the way through to the gorgeous snow In the foreground of your beautiful watercolour snow scene.

This tutorial is not to be missed If you want to impress everyone (and yourself) with a wonderful and Christmassy painting. Just imagine the things you can add to it!


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