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Philips drops smokeless grill suit against QVC

Dutch conglomerate Philips dismissed a design patent infringement lawsuit against shopping channel QVC late last week.

On Friday, January 3, Philips filed a notice of dismissal with prejudice at the US District Court for the District of Delaware, less than four months after suing QVC.

Back in mid-September 2019, Philips accused QVC of infringing US design patent number  D758,785, which covers Philips’ smokeless grill design. Philips makes and sells a smokeless grill with the design of the ‘785 design patent under its Avance collection.

At the time, QVC was allegedly selling an infringing grill, which it sold as the ‘Cook's Essentials Smoke-less Indoor Electric Grill’.

“QVC knew of Philips, Philips’ patented commercial product, the ‘785 patent, or was willfully blind to its existence, and QVC knew or was willfully blind in consciously ignoring the possibility that its actions would infringe the ‘785 patent,” said the claim.

Philips was seeking an injunction, damages and an award of the total profits QVC had made from selling the smokeless grill.

Now, the allegedly infringing product does not appear to be available on QVC’s website. However, a search for smokeless grills does show that the shopping channel is now offering Philips’ smokeless grill for purchase.

No further details of the dismissal have been shared.


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