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Piececool hits Hochanda!

Piececool has joined the Hochanda family, bringing their amazing metal model kits, which are built without any need for glue or paint. The model kits are made from high quality stainless steel and brass sheets. Each sheet is photo-etched to create finely detailed components which are cut out and shaped to build the models. The etching process leaves smooth edges, with no parts to snag or scratch.

Many piececool kits will also contain pre-coloured parts using highly accurate screen-printing technology. Easy to read illustrated instructions are included in every box. Every build step is covered with detailed drawings which show you how to fold, bend, shape and join each part together.

All you need are basic tools: needle nose pliers and clippers. Many builders will have these already, and although they are not essential, will also use our auxiliary tools which aid bending the parts to make curves and cylinders. With a model set for every skill ability, building piececool models is a fantastic, affordable hobby.

check out the video and be inspired with piececool!


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