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Power Air Fryer Cooker

This is the last kitchen tool you will need to buy. The Power Air Fryer Cooker does it all for you in a minimal amount of time. After a long day of work noone wants to spend hours in the kitchen preparing and cooking dinner. This Power Air Fryer Cooker can replace your small air fryer, your toaster oven and give you some much needed space on your countertop.

The Power Air Fryer Cooker gives you the ability to make rotisserie chicken or beef, shish kabobs that include your choice of meats and vegetables. For those of us who live for french fries or chips, you can get them done super fast and still have them healthy. You can place frozen foods on the rack, hit the button and it will be ready in very short order.

The Many Benefits:

  1. Extra large to cook multiple foods at a time

  2. Heats up quickly to 400 degrees

  3. Eight preset buttons to make life even easier

  4. Drip trays included to make clean-up easy

  5. Rotating basket to insure your fries get crispy on all sides

  6. Three stainless steel racks

  7. Ten skewers or kebabs

  8. A total of 3 tasty recipe books

  9. All removable trays and skewers are dishwasher safe

  10. Auto shut-off to prevent food from over cooking. This makes it a great safety factor

The Power air Fryer is enabled with cyclonic performance for quick results. With the Power Air Fryer Cooker you can also make dried fruits or vegetables for snack time or desserts. The dehydration capability will save you loads of money at harvest time. You will be able to dry herbs, vegetables, spices and have them available year round. The eight preset buttons save even more time. Easy to adjust temperature and timer.

What a unique machine such as this will also enable you to bake a cake or other treats. The 1800 watts of power will make dinner a breeze, the 3 in 1 machine helps you begin and continue a healthy lifestyle as the grease drips away from the food lowering the fat content. The Power Air Fryer Cooker locks in flavor and keeps foods moist when you want them that way, and crispy when you want the delight of crisp.

The extra large size lets you cook a full chicken on the rotisserie, enough for the whole family. No more cooking for one person at a time. The 360 degree air circulation prepares your food fast and it remains super tasty. Each kabob skewer will hold 8 or more pieces of your favorites for fantastic kebabs.

Clean up is super easy, the handle is removable for a complete clean. The basket and drip trays can be put in the dishwasher. A simple wipe with warm water for the inside and that is it. Versatile and healthy for all family members. For those who need to learn to eat differently but love your fried foods, this is a must!!!! You still get the crisp and crunch, excellent flavor and you will cut all that extra fat and oil out of your life with 70% less calories.


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