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QVC Host Antonella Nester Gives Fans an Update on Her Ongoing Cancer Battle

Former QVC host Antonella Nester has been struggling with her health as of late, but she has a big community of fans full of support to help her get through the toughest times. In a recent YouTube update for fans, she shared that she’s completed her second round of chemotherapy with one more round to go.

Nester grew a wide audience for herself by touching people all across the nation with her endearing personality on TV. But her world began to turn upside down when she was fired in July 2020 along with many other popular QVC hosts.

Then, Nester was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. And when doctors removed a lump from her arm, they found another lump in her breast. Now the 57-year-old is facing yet another life obstacle as she deals with breast cancer – but she knows she’s not alone. A friend of Nester’s, Jayne Hansen, was kind enough to create a GoFundMe to give her extra financial support, and Nester has been consistently receiving encouraging messages from fans as she updates them throughout her cancer journey.

In her most recent YouTube video, Nester announced that she had completed her second round of chemotherapy and had one more to go. She admitted that this round was incredibly tough, but left fans with a message of thanks.

Source: SurvivorNet


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