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QVC Launches New Primetime Prestige Infomercial Starring Bryan Cranston, Edie Falco

In an effort to reach more sophisticated viewers, home-shopping channel QVC announced Monday the launch of a new primetime prestige infomercial that stars Bryan Cranston and Edie Falco in what the network described as a densely plotted, emotionally complex work of paid programming. “Our goal here is not simply to advertise a great deal on a casserole dish, but to present this one-of-a-kind product you won’t find in stores within a framework that offers a compelling meditation on death, loyalty, and the decline of the American empire,” company CEO David Rawlinson said in a press release on The Last Chef, an ad that was shot on film in a 1.375:1 aspect ratio and will be broadcast in 12 hour-long segments, with the first airing this Sunday at 9 p.m. “Our story follows Cranston as Peter, a modern-day antihero with limited kitchen storage who’s looking for a single pan he can bake, steam, and fry in. When he meets Linda, the grieving widow who can provide it, their worlds collide in this thematically rich and socially aware infomercial executive produced by Steven Soderbergh.” QVC also announced it would be selling a special-edition Blu-ray box set of the infomercial that could be purchased at a discount if viewers called the number on the bottom of their screen in the next 10 minutes.

Source: The Onion


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