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QVC UK distributes 10,000 skincare kits to hospitals for front-line workers

As frontline workers feel the pain of prolonged personal protective equipment (PPE) while working tirelessly through the pandemic, nurses have reported skin damage and bruises after wearing PPE during long shifts.

On the 2nd and 3rd of June, QVC UK distributed 10,000 skincare kits between three London hospitals and three Liverpool hospitals in an effort to give back to the front line workers and help them calm the discomfort caused by masks and visors.

Each individually packed QVC Skincare Kit included a skinSense hydrating day cream, night cream and gel mask, and an Ultrasun SPF 30 lip balm for contact areas and full-size cleansing antibacterial hand gel. The Ultrasun Cleansing Antibacterial Hand Gel has been manufactured by Ultrasun as a one off production for donation only.

The recipients – Royal Free Hospital, University College London Hospital and the Imperial Trust in London, and The Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital and Clatterbridge Hospital in Merseyside – are thrilled to be receiving these QVC Care Kits. They all noted how grateful their tireless and heroic staff will be for these donations. One Merseyside hospital highlighted in particular the physical struggles that come from the constant wearing of PPE in humid conditions, and a London recipient noted how grateful they were to have their community rally around and offer such support during this time.

In this time of national emergency, QVC UK also joined with the National Emergencies Trust charity to help raise funds for the most vulnerable in the UK during this global crisis. QVC UK donated £50,000 to the charity and further committed to donate at least £2 for every £1 donated through the support of its customers and team members who raised £37,457. Together, QVC UK and its customers raised a total of £187,457 for this charity.

Ian Lush, chief executive of Imperial Health Charity, said:  “During this extremely challenging period, we’re determined to do everything we can to support our incredible NHS staff as well as the most vulnerable patients who suddenly find themselves in real financial difficulty.  Right now we’re working closely with our NHS colleagues to get support out to staff on the front line – and despite the extraordinary pressure, it’s clear that staff are responding in the most remarkable way. 

“We’re extremely grateful to QVC UK for their incredibly generous donation of care kits for hospital staff. We know the scale of the challenge is enormous and this significant contribution will make a huge difference in enabling us to get urgent support to staff on the front line.”

Carol Haraldsson, head of charitable giving, UCLH NHS Trust, said: “The well-being items that QVC donated to this week will mean so much to our UCLH staff! These products will give them a few moments to pamper themselves during a tea break or after a long shift and be reminded that someone cares about them after they’ve spent weeks on the frontline caring for others. We are incredibly grateful for your support of our staff at this difficult time.” 

Source: Retail Times


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