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QVC US Launches Live Shopping Experiences on SLING TV

QVC®, a world leader in multiplatform video commerce, has debuted on SLING TV, a leading streaming service delivering the most popular live news, sports entertainment and kids programming. QVC is the only livestream shopping channel on SLING, which is available on most internet-connected devices, including: streaming media players, phones and tablets, smart TVs, laptops and computers and gaming consoles. QVC is part of Qurate Retail, Inc. (NASDAQ: QRTEA) (NASDAQ: QRTEB) (NASDAQ: QRTEP).

All SLING users can now access QVC, which offers an ever-changing collection of premier brands and fresh new products, presented live by interesting personalities, along with award-winning customer service. QVC’s programming includes such shows as “In the Kitchen with David®,” which is watched in nearly 1 million homes per hour* across America during each of its two editions per week.

With this launch, QVC is now available on the top subscription live TV streaming services with a combined total of more than 13 million subscribers in the U.S. This makes up approximately 90% of this audience nationwide. These services are also known as vMVPDs, or virtual multichannel video programming distributors.

“QVC brings a uniquely engaging live video shopping experience to SLING TV, the original subscription live TV streaming service,” said David Apostolico, SVP Platform Strategy, Development & Distribution for Qurate Retail Group. “As the only livestream shopping channel on SLING, we are pleased to join its focused mix of today’s most popular networks as we continue our drive to be everywhere people are watching live video.”

This launch reflects QVC’s continuing strategic initiative to expand the reach of its curated broadcast and video commerce experiences across new media and digital commerce platforms, which include over-the-top devices and services, shoppable apps, social media, digital over-the-air networks, mobile apps, and websites. The company reaches 218 million homes worldwide through its TV broadcasts and tens of millions more through its streaming, digital, and social platforms.

*Source: Comscore TV Essentials Custom Feed: Analytical Solutions Hourly Feed, 2020.


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