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RediKettle Variable Temperature Thermal Kettle 1.2L

We love our tea here, but the thought of constantly heating and reheating water can be troublesome when we are so busy at this time. Working at home was not only meant to be safer, but more convenient also. When you were working away from home, there was always someone who would fill the water and have it turned on so that it was hot when you needed it. Well, that person does not reside in your home obviously.

What we all need now is a way to have our water hot and ready all day long. The RediKettle is the solution!

The RediKettle is a 1.2 litre holds up to four cups of water and has a patent pending cup count display. Some of the other phenomenal features that will allow you to keep your tea on include,

  1. Preset Temperature controls, 5 temps range from 60* to 100*. This keeps the water at the temperature you prefer and also prevents bitter brews.

  2. Vacuum Thermal lock to keep the water hot for hours with no further use of electricity

  3. Dual Capacity Boil Protection to prevent the kettle from overheating when there is not enough water, and also tells you if the water is over capacity to prevent burns from boiling water spitting from the kettle

  4. Built as a double wall, vacuum thermal kettle to preserve the heat for hours

  5. Rapid boil top up to reheat when needed in a shorter amount of time.

  6. Reactive Temperature LED light bar will tell you the exact temp of the water being heated, even as it heats up

  7. Rotating base that works for right or left handed people.

  8. Cool touch technology prevents burns when touching the kettle accidentally

  9. One touch settings

  10. The Perfect Service Guide which allows you to serve the perfect cup of tea each time

The RediKettle is lightweight and perfect for you during your work day or an evening of relaxing. The kettle weighs only 1.98kg and has an electrical cord that is 75 cm in length. Safety first, as is always the motto; the RediKettle also has a safety lid. Solidly connected yet easy for cleaning.

The RediKettle is the only kettle you need for your tea. It is ready for you when you are ready for tea. This technology advanced kettle will keep water hot for four hours before you need to reheat the water. Not only do you save time and money, you also save energy which is great for your pocketbook and the planet. What is even greater than that is you no longer have to boil water and wait for it to cool down to a certain temperature so you can safely drink your tea. Set the temp for what you like the temp to be and then let the RediKettle do its job. It will heat the water to the temp you desire and no higher. The RediKettle takes up very little room on your counter or your desk. You can always have hot water when you want.


Variable Temperature Thermal Kettle 1.2L


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