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Relaunching TJC - Trust, Joy, Community.

Where passion thrives, transformation is bound to occur. With our customers’ loyalty and endless support, we are about to complete 15 memorable years, becoming one of the fastest-growing shopping TV channels and online platforms in the country. It is a moment of immense pride for us all. During the course of our journey, the values and priorities of TJC changed. We became deeply focused toward the specific needs of our esteemed patrons and brought smiles to their faces by contributing to noble causes.

Previously you have known us by the name The Jewellery Channel. It wasn’t doing justice to our anthem of creating boundless trust, spreading love and happiness and helping communities prosper. So, we thought, why not relaunch it? Now it has become Trust, Joy and Community, the three fundamental pillars on which TJC stands.

Let us explain how we integrate the three in our daily functioning –

Trust – When you buy anything at TJC, be it top-of-the-class home accessories or exotic jewellery pieces, you are never apprehensive. Why? Because not only we cater to your products that possess a great quality but also have a seamless customer service. To put it simply, eliminating inconvenience is our first priority!

Joy – Our experts curate products from all around the world to bring an assortment hard to find anywhere else. The jaw-dropping pricing is the icing on the cake! Thus, will every purchase, you feel immense satisfaction and joy.

Community – We strongly believe contributing to the development of underprivileged communities makes our society better and more humane. Early on, we integrated the one-to-one programme that allowed you to become a part of a noble cause.

Under it, for every product you purchase, we provide a meal to one child either at Magic breakfast UK or Akshaya Patra in India. These charities ensure no children suffer from unrest during the time they should be exploring endless future possibilities for themselves.

Our motto with the rebranding is to bring the changing face of TJC clearly across its audience. No words other than trust, joy and community could explain better who we are.


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