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Sara Davies named among ‘10 Most Admired Businesswomen to Watch in 2021’

Sara Davies MBE has been named as one of the ’10 Most Admired Businesswomen to watch in 2021’ in an international publication.

The entrepreneur and Dragon investor featured on the front cover of US-based CIO Views magazine to celebrate 10 businesswomen to watch throughout the year. Sara was the only UK-born leader to be included among nine other businesswomen operating in a multitude of industries including childcare, security, communications and PR, retail, technology and finance.

CIO Views magazine keeps its readers up to date with informative insights on business, technology and innovation. The publication referred to Sara as a "multifaceted leader who inspires the generation with her creative ideas".

In addition to her childhood and entrepreneurial beginnings, the piece focused on how Sara has revamped the art and craft industry with innovation and community, in addition to her definition of success and the future of Crafter’s Companion.

Sara said: “I am honoured to be included in CIO Views’ 10 Most Admired Businesswomen to watch in 2021. It was great to discuss the evolution of the company and my journey as an entrepreneur with an international publication.


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