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Skull Shaver Platinum PRO

The Skull Shaver Platinum PRO, the last shaver you will ever need to buy!

No one has time to spend an hour in the bathroom shaving every morning any longer! The Skull Shaver company understands this! Finally, somebody knows what it is like trying to shave the skull when you cannot see all parts of your head.

Skull Shaver is designed to be the quickest and smoothest and the closest shave with a strong shaver. This is the shaver you can take anywhere. There is a locking mechanism for when you travel, the shaver will not accidentally turn on and drain the battery. This Skull Shaver gives a complete shave on the head or the face in only 90 seconds.


  1. The skull Shaver has an ergonomic design. This eliminates any fatigue in the hand when shaving.

  2. The Skull Shaver has two different attachable heads. One is a three blade and one is a four blade.

  3. The Skull Shaver Platinum Pro gives the user a professional shave, has an easy grip and fits in the palm of your hand perfectly for ease of use.

  4. There was no skimping when designed. This shaver has only the highest quality of materials to make it professional and give it longevity. This is not one of those shavers that you use for a month and need to replace.

There are many users who have purchased this shaver for the quality alone. Many of these users do not shave their heads, they use the Skull Shaver strictly for their face. Women feel empowered when using this shaver also. They do not need to spend forever trying to shave stubborn hair. Their legs will be smooth and silky using the women’s style of the Skull Shaver. Imagine completing the routine of shaving in a tiny portion of the time it used to take.

The Skull Shaver is designed with a waterproof technology so you can use it in the shower and save even more time. When finished shaving in the shower, give it a quick rinse and you’re done! The Skull Shaver does come with a rinse stand and a case. There is no longer a reason to stand there trying so hard to get those tiny whiskers out of the shaver.

Many razors or shavers have been designed so that the user can only shave in one direction. The Skull Shaver can be used up and down, left to right or in a circle and you will still obtain the closest shave you have ever felt. The special design allows the blades to contour to your head and face. All blades will touch and do the job they are meant to do. As you go across the curves and contours of your head, face or legs the blades are all touching the surface for the close shave you desire.

The Skull Shaver comes with spring loaded blades, there is no need to push hard, which causes the irritation to the skin that everyone has become accustomed to. No longer when you use the Skull Shaver. Now is the time for you to complete a mundane task quicker, closer and look more professional than you thought you could.

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