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Starlyf Autoclean Mop

This is the perfect mop for all of us that do not like touching the mess or the dirty water. This mop can be used on all wood floors, as well as linoleum, vinyl or tile. The Starlyf Autoclean mop works wonderfully on wet messes or the dry messes. The mop and accompanying dual sided bucket allows you to dip the mop in one side and scrub it clean. Then use the other side to squeegee the excess water off so you can mop your floors without all the water mess.

The Starlyf Autoclean mop removes the usual method of mopping with dirty water. The benefits seem endless and include

  1. Dual chamber bucket allows you to clean mop on one side and drain excess water from the other side

  2. The microfiber pad is soft and works on any type of flooring material including stone.

  3. Wash and dry the mop head in just a few seconds rather than shoving the dirty water all over your floor that you just cleaned

  4. The pivoting head at the end of the mop allows you to clean under furniture, around table legs and chair legs and into the tight spots that used to involve getting on your hands and knees.

  5. The Starlyf Autoclean Mop is lightweight and built with a low profile and a collapsible handle for easy storage.

  6. Large mop head to clean large areas easier and a thick microfiber pad that will pick up and lock the dirt in until you wash it out

  7. Removable microfiber pad that is machine washable. Great for even dry cleaning floors

  8. The bucket has a total capacity of 2.7 liters

No more struggling on your hands and knees to get the corners clean. No more pain in the back getting down and up from the floor just to have the cleanliness you desire. This mop minimizes the time you have to spend on cleaning the floors in your home. The mop also leaves your floors almost completely dry which minimizes the time you cannot walk on your floors. The microfiber mop head works to get those dirty bacteria out of those nooks and crannies they hide in.

It may sound odd to call a mop stylish, but the Starlyf Autoclean mop is a good looking mop, it is convenient and compact for easy storage.

Consumers are raving about the mop and the cleaning it does for their floors. With the removable microfiber cloth it is guaranteed they will have healthy and shiny clean floors each time they use this mop. With a sturdy design and a quality built product, you can’t go wrong. This mop gives you added value for the cost. They love the way the teeth grab on to the microfiber mop head, and the added velcro helps to keep the mop head in place. Even the big name brands cannot say this about their product.

Starlyf Autoclean Mop - £29.99 Want it tomorrow? Click Here and choose One-Day Delivery at checkout.


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