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Tallahassee's One Fresh Pillow startup lands QVC purchase deal

An opportunity to present a product before 96 million households was too good to pass up for Florida State alums Aaron and Adrianne Kautz.

The couple, owners of One Fresh Pillow, a Tallahassee-based startup, provide a subscription-based service in which customers receive fresh quality pillows as requested. 

Now, One Fresh Pillow has received the greenlight to announce a QVC deal, and Adrianne Kautz said a mix of nerves and excitement swells in her each day.

Not surprisingly, the coronavirus pandemic interrupted her plans to travel to QVC’s headquarters in West Chester, Pennsylvania, for on-air training on March 26. Still, the opportunity is surreal for a company that launched a mere two years ago.

Sales haven’t taken off till recently when the company poured more energy into promoting its product on Twitter, prompting influencers to tweet about One Fresh Pillow.

“It’s taken until 2020 for us to really make any headway,” Kautz said. “We still have more to go.”


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