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The Craft Store welcomes Richard Orford as a Presenter

If you’re watching The Craft Store next week you may notice a familiar face as they introduce Richard Orford as a new presenter. You may recognise him from ‘Find a Fortune’ (ITV1), ‘This Morning’ (ITV1), ‘The Live Six Show’ (Sky One), ‘Holiday on a Shoestring’ (BBC1) and ‘The Disney Club’ (ITV1). He also hosted two series of the ground-breaking gameshow ‘Defector’s on Challenge but he’s perhaps best known for his 3 years on Channel 4’s iconic and award-winning ‘The Big Breakfast’.

Richard speaks about his new venture: “...Totally new to crafting and eager to learn all about it. I think crafters are so clever and artistic and I’m in total awe of their creative skills. I’m really excited to join The Craft Store as it’s such a lovely, relaxed place filled with really nice people. Like one giant family… with added stamps, dies and foiling sheets!”

Richard Orford has worked non-stop in the British television industry for a quarter of a century as an extraordinarily versatile performer - specialising in humour, getting the best out of people onscreen and conveying subjects in a fun an populist way that viewers can relate and engage with.

He will be joining The Craft Store from Monday 23rd of August so keep an eye on your screens or follow their TV Schedule here:

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