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“This is only the first step in this long journey,” says RJ Batts

After teen RJ Batts won the show ‘America’s Big Deal,’ 47 ABC got a chance to sit down with him about his next steps with his invention, Tip Tough.

RJ began working on his invention when he was just 13-years-old. After six years of hard work, he got the chance to compete against three other entrepreneurs and managed to become the youngest entrepreneur to win. “I’m going to take this and I’m going to run with it,” says RJ.

Now almost a week later, his win landed him a $100K deal with QVC and he gets the chance to work with Joy Mangano, one of America’s most well-known inventors. “And to be able to work with Joy has been the world,” says RJ.

He tells 47 ABC, he’s beginning to work on a plastic version of his product, as well as multiple sizes to accommodate younger children.

“One of our main goals with Tip tough is to be able to get families in the kitchen and get everybody in the kitchen and create those memories that they weren’t able to before because they were scared of the knife,” says Batts. He adds, “But now with Tip Tough, we’re able to take away that problem.”

Batts says they’re currently working to get him set up on QVC to showcase his product, something he says has been a lifelong dream that he’s finally able to accomplish.

“To be able to actually say that I’ve been able to get one of my dreams is insane at this point,” he says.

However, RJ said he’s thankful for his support system that goes beyond just his family. He says it wouldn’t be where he is today, without Delmarva. “Everybody around me, I just want to be able to help support them and get them to the place because they’ve helped support me through this whole process.”

RJ also told 47 ABC, he wants to eventually start a fund that would help young entrepreneurs get their start. He says he was lucky to get a chance, and now he wants to give back to kids just like him.

“This is only the first step in this long journey, I’m only 19 and I have my whole life ahead of me and sometimes I forget that.”

Source: 47 ABC


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