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TJC announce Valentine gifts ideas for Him and Her

Gone are the days to just depend on a bouquet of flowers, this new era asks for more, more of affection and more of your love. Save yourself from all the DIY ideas and present your heart out to your special someone this time. This February 14th woo your partner with a perfect present that will end the day with tons of memories and remembrances. With the month of love and happiness arriving, we present to you some amazing valentine gifts ideas from one of the finest collections of products to help you prepare a perfect surprise for your partner. Whether you are a romantic or a practical person, we have something very special for each one of you love birds. Dive below and pick up a perfect present packed with pure sentiments and raw affection by the cupid itself.

Designed for Him– We understand that gift-giving is a pure form and the language of love, and hence, the valentine gifts ideas here should be perfect and useful at the same time for your partner. If you too find it tough to guess what your man needs, we have some very interesting suggestions for you to select from:

Valentine jewellery- Nothing can define your man more than the jewellery that matches with their persona. Whether it’s the leather bracelets with sleek design or the smooth men’s rings, each one of them will reflect the taste of the wearer. Currently, in trend, the stunning braided bracelets are perfect to pair up with a watch and go along with formals as well as casual outfits. They are ideal to quickly give a hint of laid-back vibes to the guy with a firm exterior. Planning the eternity with him? Valentine’s day can be a great day to confess the same, but hold on your horses, and get a brilliant ring before you confess, after all a lady can propose too! But if the ring is too bold for now, the sleek men’s chains can still do the deed, crafted in the smooth metal finish we also have some incredible lengths.Grooming and Care- Gels and scrubs, combos and kits! Find everything you need right here. What can be better than gifting everyday essentials and show that you care about every small thing in their life? From some soothing body sprays to the hydrating moisturizers and serums, in the men’s grooming range you can encounter ample of valentine gifts ideas to choose from. Assembled in kits and combos, the care you give through these grooming products is very gentle and meaningful.

Fashion Accessories- Talk about watches or wallets, we have them all! Nothing can beat the joy of basics. The fashion accessories like men’s watches and cufflinks are perfect and the safest choice to make. They are nevertheless the necessities of every being, and hence, can be your saviour in this valentine gift hunt.


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