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TJC Introduce Lustro Stella Collection

Let us celebrate the symphony of the great Lustro Stella collection and its bewitching range. Seeking every bit of appreciation and wows for you, this great collection is cherry-picked with perfection. The splendour of this assorted range can be seen through the wide range of products displayed in our collection and their neat formation. Offering divine designs and the majestic melange of values and gemstones, each product here can instil a deep affection in every onlooker around you. Dive in the pool of TJC’s Lustro Stella Collection.

Twinkling collection with an equivalent name, the term Lustro Stella means, “shining star”. Offering similar flicker in all the products, the collection is best expressed with the sheen of 925 sterling silver along with the dazzle of cubic zirconia. The signature use of the zirconia can grace your personality and bring the sheen of stars right in your jewellery collection. To further add the cheerful merry in your life and personality, every gemstone enchanted in the products is graded AAAA in order to offer a perfect jewel just as special as you are! Browse below to see what Lustro Stella in UK has in stock for you:


Available with equally attractive boxes, each ring is precisely carved and curated to represent the elite collection. Reciting the tales of excellence, now poised with elegance in every walk of life. Representing the house they belong to, the rings in this incredible section have a mesmeric worthy appeal. It’s time to pick a perfect ring from online Lustro Stella Collection.


If a necklace is too fancy and a chain is too plain, why not go for a pendant instead? Following the notion of uniqueness and available in luxurious boxes, the Lustro Stella Collection in silver is perfect to speak high of your taste in jewellery. Sparkling yet minimal, the collection here has everything you need!


From the classic hoops to the dainty dangles, the earrings in Lustro Stella Collection are all set to make an impactful remark in your life. They are featured in a gorgeous design, from very simple ones to the fancy and sophisticated. Descending next to your beautiful mane, the earrings can twinkle and match with your lovely smile in any event.


Get a mate that can complement your watch! Exquisite and attractive, the beauty of bracelets is too good to just miss! Draped in the elegance and beauty of multiple hues in gemstones, the products are perfect and regal enough to suit your taste.


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