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TJC Launch Children’s Jewellery Collection

Things have just gotten a lot more exciting on TJC! You asked for it, so now they are launching it. Hold your wows, because TJC have just gone live with the very special Children’s Jewellery Collection. Add the pretty and perfect sparkles and joys to the preening range of your baby’s favourites. Let’s peek in for all that’s special and perfect in this range!

TJC's marvellous and super-exclusive collection brings you four prominent ranges. Inspired from all things perfect and all things pretty, these absolute delights won’t go unloved by the ones you love. Find below the leading and value selections:

Woodland Wows

Inspired by the charm and magic of the wildlife, these stunning kids’ jewellery pieces will bring you a lot more closer to nature. Find irresistible designs, moulded in the form of birds, butterflies, seawater life, among many more. The lush tones of platinum, rose gold, yellow gold, and others add that tint of luxury to these masterpieces.

Trinkets & Treasures

Made for all the love and made with all the love, these divine children’s jewellery pieces are crafted to impress. The little ones will not stop fawning over the delicate features of these stunning beauties. Inspired from the simple things you come across and then designed to leave an impact, Find charm nestled in this excellent collection.

Making Memories

Help your little one carry a fond memory close to the heart with this extraordinary selection. These exciting new pieces bring you alphabets, charms, and a lot of more delicate titbits that your child is going to love absolutely. Don’t miss this range for the world, as it will bring you the best in this world.

Gifts of Galaxy

Borrowed from the sparkling night sky presented to adorn your beloved child, the jewellery designs seen in this range will make her glow! Gift the princess the sparkle of stars and the shine of the moon with these beauties. Seek inspiration from all the heavenly bodies and find indulgent luxuries made with exquisite delicacy in each detail.


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