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Vegan Beyond Meatballs Sell Out In Seven Minutes On QVC

Today, Dan Mancini—co-founder of food distributor MamaMancini’s Holdings—presented the company’s newest product, Beyond Beef Meatballs & Sauce, to shoppers on QVC USA and sold out of the vegan product in seven minutes. 

QVC USA sold 12,000 bags of the vegan meatballs, originally priced at $61 then discounted to $54.98 per 15-ounce bag (which contain 25 meatballs and sauce). In September,

MamaMancini’s began distributing several new products it created in partnership with Beyond Meat. Known for its meat-based meals, the brand used the vegan company’s ground beef to create Beyond Beef Meatballs & Sauce and Spaghetti & Beyond Beef Meatball Pasta Bowls, recipes that hark back to Mancini’s grandmother Anna’s traditional Italian roots. “Our partnership with Beyond Meat to combine their revolutionary plant-based ground meat with our old world Italian recipes has exceeded all expectations and created a truly unique and incredibly delicious product that we are confident QVC audiences will love,” 

Carl Wolf, Chairman and CEO of MamaMancini’s, said. “We look forward to continue offering QVC shoppers the opportunity to experience the same juicy, meaty texture as beef, with the benefits of plant-based proteins.” In addition to QVC, MamaMancini’s distributes to 45,000 retail and foodservice outlets nationwide, including Walmart, Kroger, Publix, Costco, and Albertsons. 



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