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Bearpaw Founder Launching a New Shoe Brand

Bearpaw is celebrating 20 years in business, and founder and president Tom Romeo has no plans on slowing down.

To celebrate the anniversary, Bearpaw has relaunched its very first boot, the Eva sheepskin style. In addition, the brand will donate $20,000 to Tahoe Fund’s Smartest Forest Fund project. For Romeo, Lake Tahoe represents a special place personally and professionally as it was where the Bearpaw journey started. The founder had an actual run-in with a bear there, and that pivotal moment pushed him to start the business back in 2001. Now, Romeo is aiming to launch a Bearpaw storefront in Lake Tahoe in the next year.

But there is much more in the works. Bearpaw parent company Romeo & Juliette, Inc. is readying to launch a new footwear brand that’s been in the works. Called Strole, the line is centred on health and wellness and aims at filling a void in the market for a shoe that can help conquer plantar fasciitis. To start, the brand will launch with QVC in March.

Source: Yahoo! Life


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