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Great Grill Taste, Easy Indoor Cooking with the Power Air Smokeless Grill

Imagine if you will, wanting a burger cooked on your grill, however, you cannot grill outdoors for whatever reason. Whether it is a winter snowstorm or a horrendous rainfall sometimes your tastebuds must suffer. No more suffering with the Power Smokeless Grill! This countertop appliance will allow you to grill year round indoors or out, if you so choose.

No longer will you have to let the weather control your meal preparation. You have the choice now, go ahead and grill up those burgers and chicken, make those five star meals and amaze your family with the phenomenal flavors you can infuse into the meats.

The Power Smokeless Grill has a large cooking area and a range of other benefits that you just can’t pass up.


  1. This grill has a large cooking area that fits enough meat for a family of four easily.

  2. There is a full 1500 watts of power to cook up all the food you want. This is an economical way of creating healthy meals for your loved ones.

  3. One of the best benefits is the Self- Extracting fan. This pulls the smoke down and away from the food and out of the air you breathe.

  4. The Power Smokeless Grill has a Tempered glass lid with a handle. The lid helps keep the meat juicy and tender as it cooks.

  5. The handy grilling rack has holes that allow grease to drip out of the way of the food. Now that is a healthy benefit.

  6. The control knobs sit handily on the side handle, out of the way. The controls sections are the temperature control, the fan power switch and the power switch itself.

With the smoke and odor extracting technology, no one will ever have to know that you grilled the food indoors. This technology sucks the smoke back down and away from the room you are in.

The temperature control allows you to have cooking temps from 175* F all the way to 450*F. This allows a huge array of items to be cooked. Seafoods to steaks, paninis to vegetables, even pizza is possible on the Power Smokeless Grill.

The extra large plate holds more than enough meat to feed your hungry crowd. At the same time, all that fat causing grease drains through to the collection tray and away from those hungry mouths.

One of the best bonuses with the Power Smokeless Grill is that you now have a way of infusing flavor into any of the food you grill. The lower tray will hold broth with your choice of herbs that will help you create foods that rival those fancy five-star restaurants.

That is not the end though! You no longer have to fight with the grill racks to scrub and scrape the food off the racks. The Power Smokeless Grill includes a non-stick surface cooking plate, even burnt cheese comes right off. Cleaning up is even easier when you can put all the pieces right into the dishwasher.


ONLY £67.99

Or split the cost into 3 easy payments of £22.66 with Klarna (excludes delivery) Want it tomorrow? Click Here and choose One-Day Delivery at checkout.

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Yawn Air Bed - For A Good Night Of Sleep

The airbed of the future is here and available for you. This is definitely not your parents air mattress. In days of old there were air beds that you had to pump up by hand. Generally, by the time morning came around, the air was all gone and you were sleeping on the floor. This Air Bed is Not like those! Not only does it look different, IT IS different.

This Yawn Air Bed is a portable bed with Comfort Support built in. The Yawn Air Bed includes a built in headboard. The sight alone will give you the feeling of sleeping on a real bed. The mental feeling we all need to gain a good night of sleep.

The benefits of the Yawn Air Bed versus those other air beds have gone leaps and bounds above what you would expect.


  1. The Yawn Air bed has an amazing Comfort Support Technology that is unmatched in the common type of air bed.

  2. A built in motor will allow the bed to self inflate in just five minutes. This motor is super powerful. The added benefit is that the motor will also deflate the Yawn Air Bed in just as little time.

  3. The Yawn Air Bed can be folded up and tucked away into a handy carrying case for easy storage, or taking it on road trips and camping.

  4. Amazingly, for and air bed, your new Yawn Air Bed will be the same height as a traditional bed. Once again, lending to the mental feeling of an actual bed.

  5. Built in headboard that self inflates when you are inflating the bed itself.

  6. Your sheets will stay in place thanks to the flocked top of the mattress.

  7. The technology includes comfort support structures that enable one person to roll around in bed without disturbing the person next to them.

  8. The Yawn Air Bed comes in three sizes: King, Double and the all important single. This makes the Yawn Air Bed perfect for surprise overnight guests, your children’s friends or even the in-laws. They won’t have any complaints about this bed either!

For those that worry that their children will roll off the bed, rest assured that the Yawn Air Bed has that covered too. There is a built in raised rim surrounding the outer edge of the bed. Prevents rolling over the edge and falling out.

When grandparents want to spend the night, feel comfortable knowing that they can be on the Yawn Air Bed and not risk any hurt to themselves when getting up and out of bed. With the bed being the same height as a traditional bed, people of any age will be able to climb out of bed with no strains or danger of rolling off the bed.

For the young adults just starting out on their own, this Yawn Air Bed would be perfect. It looks like a traditional bed, is convenient and portable, and also comfortable. The most important aspect is that this bed is affordable for all.


FROM £59.99

Or split the cost into 3 easy payments of with Klarna (excludes delivery) Want it tomorrow? Click Here and choose One-Day Delivery at checkout.

Crafter’s Companion’s fashion-forward brand, Violet Studio, is launching a new Tropical collection, exclusive to the range.

Violet Studio has partnered with UK retailer, The Range, to launch an exclusive new Tropical collection.

The new launch, centred around a wildly vibrant colour palette and tropical-inspired prints, has everything crafters, hobbyists and stationery lovers need to add a touch of tropical fusion to their projects.

The collection includes paper packs, tropical printed card blanks, ribbons and bows, pom pom trims, assorted card toppers, mini pegs, stickers, mini stamp set, card kits, die sets, wooden shapes, letter tiles and more! Products are exclusive to The Range, prices start from RRP £1.00.

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