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Hochanda’s Guest Showcase! Edinburgh Honey Co.

Hochanda are back with another Guest Showcase, which is a Q&A to celebrate the fantastic guests they have on the show. With a very interesting and insightful look into the world of honey farming, their guest this month is Edinburgh Honey Co. They’re here to answer Hochanda’s questions covering all things honey, yum!

About Edinburgh Honey Co.

Edinburgh Honey Co are an independent, family-owned company with 60 years of beekeeping traditions. All of our honey is being sourced in the sustainable and responsible way both from our own apiaries in Perthshire, Scotland and our family’s in Poland. We specialize in rare, high-quality raw honey , that is hand-packed with recycled materials only and it is 100% plastic free. Our dedication to recycling and ecology is deeply rooted in company values and work ethos.


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