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Ideal World Now Selling Hand Sanitiser

In a time when the world is in crisis never let it be said that Ideal World will not take the opportunity to make money from their 'tv family'. You can now purchase 250ml of Watermans Clean Me Hand Sanitiser for £12.98 inc P&P.

Watermans Clean Me Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol 250ml In light of the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak, Watermans Hair have begun using their production lines to respond to the ongoing shortage of hand gel. The 250ml 70% alcohol-based hand gel, will be made at their UK based factory, which means distribution can begin as soon as possible. Due to it's 70% alcohol percentage it is effective in helping to kill harmful bacteria like many other market leaders in hand cleansing. Watermans is a market leader in hair growth products, including its most popular products GrowMe Shampoo and ConditionMe Conditioner. Founder and CEO, Matt Waterman, said in a statement, "We listened to our customers and wanted to utilise our manufacturing strengths to help the public during this time'. The Yorkshire-based company will be donating a number of hand gel bottles to local businesses and public places such as hospitals, retirement homes and care wards. Contents 1 x Watermans Clean Me Hand Sanitiser 70% Alcohol 250ml


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