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Miss Jason turns QVC Style host for a huge charity fashion sale

The Dazed 100 icon is raising funds for Black queer, trans, and intersex people on Depop this weekend

With some of the world’s biggest fashion houses’ purses remaining firmly closed when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s fallen to a new gen of young creatives to raise funds to support the cause. Though many are in dire straits themselves thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, countless indie designers and archive sellers have stepped up to channel proceeds into bail funds, charity organisations, and more.

Joining their ranks this weekend is the one and only Miss Jason, who’s set to launch Depop sale tomorrow (June 19). Calling on friends from the fashion industry and beyond, those donating clothes include the likes of FKA twigs, Lily Allen, Naomi Shimada, Mabel, and Grace LaDoja. Elsewhere, a number of designers are also offering up their wares for the cause, with Ancuta Sarca, Charles Jeffrey, Bianca Saunders, Alan Crocetti, Martine Rose, Art School, and ASAI among them.  

So what’s on the line-up? “A vintageJean Paul Gaultier LBD, a pair of Ancuta Sarca’s Nike kitten heels, a cow print Supreme jacket, a red leatherMiu Miu coat, some exclusiveEmma Brewin hats I’m obsessed with, and aBurberry jacket fromDaniel Sallstrom, which is the perfect combination of tacky and fab,” the Dazed 100-er reels off, listing just a few of the pieces that make up the full offering. “We also have some super cute jeans from Martine Rose and the most show-stopping, one-of-a-kind press on nails thatSylvie MacMillan has done for us.” 

Benefitting from the designer fundraiser is the UK QTIBIPOC Hardship Fund. “I’d been seeing what was happening with the Black Lives Matter movement and it really hurt to see images of QTIBIPOC being targeted and excluded from it,” explains Miss Jason. “For me, trans lives actually matter and I wanted to fundraise for an entity that was really providing meaningful support to our queer, trans, and intersex famiy. The initiative has sent payments to over 100 people. I just think it’s incredible, I want to keep it going!” 

With Black trans people particularly facing prejudice and extreme violence as they simply try to live their lives – as well as recent threat of rollbacks of their liberties at the hand of the US and UK governments – last week saw protesters in America take to the streets to stand up for their rights, with more events set to take place in London in the coming weeks.  

With Miss Jason not one to do things by halves, showing off what’s on offer as part of the sale is QVC-style film Cleaning Out My Closet (which, FYI, we’d love to see become reality), as well as a set of images shot by photographer Roxy Lee. “The concept was basically based around how I want to see the world after the COVID crisis: a room full of people, feeling comfortable in themselves, looking fab as f***.” 

The sale goes live on Friday 19 June and runs throughout the weekend. “Can’t wait to see you burn a hole in that pocket!” adds Miss Jason. Watch the video below.

Donate to the UK QTIBIPOC Hardship Fund here

Source: Dazed


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