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New Suppliers joining Hochanda!

Hochanda have another four fabulous new suppliers joining them this week. Arts and crafts you’ll be able to enjoy and see demonstrated include jewellery making, sewing, quilting and papercraft.

Take a look below for a brief overview on each of them, and then tune into their upcoming shows as they join the Hochanda Family.

Mine & Shine

Tuesday 21 April 9am

Mine & Shine are masters of the magical art of growing crystals on jewellery.

They’ll be showcasing some beautiful sterling silver and 14ct gold pendant, earring and rings kits in which you grow your own crystals to create a unique piece of jewellery. If you’re interested in trying something new or have any jewellery that have lost their precious stones, tune in to see how it’s done.

Juki UK Sewing Machines

Thursday 23 April 10am & 1pm

In the business for over 80 years, Juki UK Sewing Machines are a world leading brand in the manufacture of sewing machines, so we’re thrilled that they’re joining Hochanda. heir debut show is not to be missed, so make a note of it n your diary!

Fabric Craft

Friday 24 April 3pm & 7pm

A family run business with a passion for patchwork and quilting. Hazel’sFabric Craft will be showcasing their fan tastic range of fabrics on Hochanda on Friday 24th April at 3pm and 7pm.


Friday 24 April 5pm

NIO specialise in stamps, with cutting-edge products and groovy designs, this is a show you won’t want to miss. Catch them on Hochanda on Friday 24th April at 5pm!

Don’t forget you can catch up any shows you’ve missed by watching them on Hochanda’s Rewind function available after their initial air-time.


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